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Raised in the countryside in Missouri, Jeremy Scott approaches the world of fashion from an early age reading frequently French magazines, so as to be able to learn the language. After high school he moved to New York where he studied Fashion Design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She graduated in 1996 with a collection inspired by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and moved to Paris to make her way into the world of fashion. The Parisian beginnings are not simple for the young designer, who is reduced to poverty wandering in the ville lumière. Luck comes when he is noticed for his hairstyle and is enlisted by a PR of Jean Paul Gaultier as a public relations officer for events and parties in the world of discos.

From here begins the ascent: Jeremy Scott decides to found his brand and for the first time in a bar in the area of ​​Bastille with a collection inspired by the novel by J.G Ballard, Crash. The collection is a triumph of disposable tissues of hospital gowns, caught in vintage markets in Paris. This is followed by two more, a total black and a total white that will dedicate to people who think that his fashion is too extravagant to wear. The success begins to arrive, Scott finds support from Mario Testino, but also from the Icelandic singer Björk who decides to wear one of his creations for his Homogenic Tour.

The vision of Jeremy Scott is a constant reference to elements of pop culture presented in an ironic and provocative key: cartoons, bright colors, imaginary fetish, logos repeated according to a Warholian perspective such as Mc Donald's and Marlboro, but also elements borrowed from kitsch culture, make Jeremy Scott one of the most appreciated designers and followed by the millenials. Thanks to the international stars who choose to dress and make a run, Jeremy manages to space both in the pop imagery as well as in the street, wearing personalities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Madonna, but also Kanye West and several representatives of black culture.

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